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From Lee Broom’s diary, 7/1/1981


Rarely do we allow ourselves the awareness that our every move is influenced by the subtle, undertow of danger or that every cell in our body is devoted to living our lives in safety. Safety  never quite describes the moments we spend together. And every day we are bombarded with reminders of the dangers of complacency.

From the television and the billboards and the infomercials we hear “You need our product to be healthy, to lose weight, to improve your sex life, to earn more income, to smell better, look better, be better.

Vote this way, demonstrate, fight back, demand this or that , its your right to be free, to be treated fairly. Our religions offer relief which we must wait and die for and in the meantime…

I tell myself I am not getting old, that I will live forever, I demand respect, and complain when I get it.

Today I fell and landed on my right hip which is held together with two pins and I remembered…I was at a roller skating rink one Sunday afternoon in the eighties.  I was one of a handful of adults in a rink full of pre-adolescent children. Suddenly I found myself distracted by a group of racing youngsters, mostly boys, competing for recognition as the eventual winner of something or other.

Suddenly I saw feet flying. They were attached to the legs of a seven year old boy whose flying form was obeying the phenomena known as inertia, the body of this kid following those feet. Without thinking, my arms reached out and encircled the child and we fell as a single unit; I was below and though I was turning to the right , a mistake which would land me a broken hip, my move kept the lad safe. I released him; he landed on his feet and he returned to join his racing companions as though nothing unusual had happened. And,  though in pain I would remember later that during that moment of risking my safety in aid of another, I had felt no fear. And, that it was the obvious absence of fear  that revealed the constant, well hidden anxiety that ruled my life.

On that day I accepted God’s Love and passed it on. I vowed to do it again.

Lee Broom


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