lafayette compound 008



(A conversation between Curious Abner
and the Psychedelic Toad.)

Psycho:  Hey there Abner, what alleys have you explored today?

Abner:   Oh, hi Psy. I got my feelings hurt.

Psycho: Was it something you said…again?

Abner:   Probably.

Psycho: Sooo…

Abner:  Well I was in a conversation about God and I mentioned that                    God has no will and offered evidence thereof.

Psycho:  That must have gone over well. Or perhaps I should say like                      you  order your steak? Burned to a crisp.

Abner:    I’m a vegan.

Psycho:  You have spinach on your incisor.  Okay, so who nailed ya?

Abner:    Magic man, okay?

Psycho:  Shoulda seen that coming. When in Rome…you silly man.

Abner:    I know, I know. But it took me 36 years of at least 2000                                    words a day and hundreds of thousands of hours of                                          research to discover these awarenesses.  His remark was                            simply to   quote the  opinion of a very large group.

Psycho:  So, why do you go to this meeting every week? You have no                         support for your love of research.

Abner:   I go because I helped start this group. I go because I have                              friends there whom I have known for decades. I want to be                        around friends.

Psycho: So start a new group. A discussion group for thinkers, artist,                         scientists. Make more friends.

Abner:  I like being around religious folks; they’re nicer.

Psycho: More tolerant, don’tcha mean?

Abner:  I suppose. Certainly more so than I, apparently.

Psycho: Then how about presenting only your view; leave out the                             discovery part.

Abner:  I guess so. Yeah I can do that. I still say that this idea of God                        having a will is inane. A will is a condition, after all.

Psycho: Nice start Ab. Why is this so important to ya?

Abner:  Aren’t you the guy who’s always saying “Never ask why”?

Psycho: Nope. You’re the guy who’s always saying “Never ask why”.

Abner: Oh…yeah…okay…see ya.

Psycho: No ya don’t. What did Magic Man say, anyway?

Abner:  He said that God’s will for us is to help each other.

Psycho: Sounds  right to me.

Abner:  Ya think?

Psycho: Too deep for me.

Abner: See ya.

Psycho: See ya.

ee Broom.


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