lafayette compound 008


I AM THE SPITBALL hurtling through space. My perfectly straight path has been trapped by the gravity of a gigantic, flaming ball of gas which now controls my path by keeping me forever at a safe distance…

I AM THE QUAIL who minutes ago flew a few feet to avoid being eaten. The doves who also avoided capture, flew higher than I. perhaps next time I will reach the branches; perhaps then I will be safe.

I AM THE STARLING among starlings.  We rise to the sky and the world takes notice.

I AM LA NIÑA  redoing my map. Somewhere I miscalculated.

I AM LA PINTA. Here are my mistakes,

I AM LA SANTA MARIA: . I travel by Burro.

I AM THE DERVISH. I whirl away my errors.

I AM LIFE. I am the errors.

I AM AWARENESS. I am willing to improve.

I AM THE EDITOR. I look for missed “takes”.

I AM THE LEMMING. I follow the LOVE.

I AM THE LEADER. Accept my FORGIVENESS and pass it on.

ee Broom

Dedicated to the Love of my Life*.
(The *Apple of my *Aye.)



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