lafayette compound 008

Who is God?    “I AM”.

What does God do?  ALL or NOTHING.

Where is God? HERE.

What is God? YOU, YOU and YOU.

What does God need?   ALL or NOTHING.

What does God feel? EVERYTHING.

When is God? NOW.

Where is God? HERE.

Why is God?  BECAUSE.

Is God Perfect?  GREAT QUESTION.

What is Perfection? LOVE.

What is the most important aspect of God? EVERYTHING.

What does God want? ALL or NOTHING.

How did God come into being? BINGO.

How long has God existed? FOREVER.

How long will God continue to exist? FOREVER.

Does time exist? YES and NO.

When did time start? NOW.

How long will time last? FOREVER.

What happens when time is complete? GOOD QUESTION.

How long will that last? IS THIS A TRICK QUESTION?

Lee Broom



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