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Entertainment is a major priority in life.

Anything with a nervous system yearns to have fun.
Animals don’t smile with their faces but who can mistake the joy of the family dog when the family comes home for the evening or the purr of a kitten or the baby who has learned to laugh.

Those of us who do not get enough joy and laughter may eat or drink ourselves into near sedation; we watch an imaginary world
flash before us on large screen TV, we go to the mall; anything to be entertained.

And then one day we become the entertainer, the child laughs as we punch the laughter button,  the family dog leaps with delight as we enter the room, the Love of our Life has a bigger smile than usual because of something we said with enthusiasm in our voice and the world is suddenly better, our waistline relaxes as the need for a drink is forgotten and the sun comes up in the East.

And we say to ourself  “Whoa, what’s going on here”?

And we look for new opportunities to entertain someone; we are eager to say to anyone who will listen, “you won’t believe what just happened……….”

Lee Broom


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