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 “Contempt prior to investigation” is a phrase often used as a manipulative guilt ploy to persuade an audience of one or many, to be silent and to listen. It is assumed that the listener will seek to avoid feeling bad about themselves and focus on what the speaker or writer has to say. Investigation is not the intention. For those interested in knowing the truth about anything, investigation is a tool for learning. What the compliant listener does however, is to allow others to influence their thoughts.

Every seminar, every sales-pitch, every boot-camp sergeant seeks to remove the biases of the audience, therefore making it possible to replace those old biases with new ones.

Investigation requires asking questions, testing ideas and actually learning. We were doing this before we could walk; we can do it still.

If truth resides in the words of this new information it can be easily discovered. Stay in the moment, seek to think objectively, without bias; think; ask questions; investigate. 

Listen to the new information. Attempt to keep yourself free of your own biases as well as those you may be hearing for the first time. No living creature possesses sufficient information to make all the right choices but the fact remains that each of us is responsible for every bit of information that enters our brains even that which slips by us from the mouths and minds of others.

There is no price for Love either in dollars or hugs. Love is Unconditional.

Accept the love and pass it on.

Lee Broom




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