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A gift is the material equivalent of the word Love. Love is in fact, always outbound and therefore unconditional; Love is the ultimate Gift. Any gift is ours not for the asking, but for our acceptance thereof. Asking for a gift reduces that gift to a mere token of approval.

A compliment is a gift. To be thanked is to be gifted with a compliment. “Good job” is not a compliment; it is conditional and therefore linked only to approval. The sculptor who is accustomed to hearing “good job “ for decades of marble creations and who suddenly loses the loss of limbs can no longer look forward to “good job” except for past work. On the other hand the artist who during that same period of time, received an equal number of “Thank you”s, is set for life and knows the true value of her work. The prices which supposedly establish her value to society are mere tokens of appreciation and can shrivel and decline at the fickle whim of the marketplace.

Accept the Love and Pass it on.


Lee Broom


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