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LOVE is NOT ours for the asking; it is ours to ACCEPT.
There is no other way to experience it. All else is about the giving and receiving of APPROVAL.

We beg for approval.

We bargain with promises of APPROVAL.



(When we seek Love we block it; LOVE is unconditional. Seeking is a condition)

The search for LOVE taints that which we seek by the very SEARCH itself.

To search demonstrates our confusion with these two basic concepts. APPROVAL often feels like LOVE to our narcissistic, egoistic selves but when we lose it we seldom “get” it; we employ that same old habit of seeking APPROVAL and calling it LOVE.

We beg, we meditate, we do what the group does and the pain continues.

C.G. Jung referred to this confusing collection of hopeless affirmations as Ascension thinking. The logic supporting  this warning is that since Love is unconditional,  the ONLY way to experience it is to ACCEPT it; the harder we try to get to heaven, the further away it appears to be. “Seeking” is a condition”. 

Accept the Love and pass it on.


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