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Truth is often thought of as the correct answer to an already biased question.
If Truth exists however it is more likely to be found not in the response but in the question.

Having acknowledged the two impossible-to-prove possibilities
one must then admit (if indeed in possession of an ethic of self-honesty) that Truth exists if at all, as a component trait of Love and the Perfect Memory  of God.

Lee Broom


lafayette compound 008


“When you leave that way you can never go back; a train won’t run on a torn up track.”
Confederate Railroad

Q: How can you tell if you’re being lied to?
A: When everything being said is exactly what you want to hear.
Leadership: A Love Story. L. B.

We who vote for our beliefs will never cast a ballot for freedom.

To fix the past or to fox the pissed, one f*cks with the pests of the properly parsed.
Surely, someone will  want to get even.

(Has anyone noticed that for the first time in at least half a century there is a candidate who never punctuates his/her sentences with the phoneme “uh”?)

Lee Broom




small change


When cell phones became popular so did certain new behaviors. Telephone conversations were traditionally thought of as private activities and as the preference for the convenience of mobile apparatus gained popularity, experiments occurred.

One such common behavior existed in the hallways of large institutions in the corporate beltways of large cities. As one walked down any hall there could be seen dozens of handheld Motorola brick- phones, each one held to an ear, attached to a skull which rested atop a leaning body, with that head resting against the wall as though somehow this was a proven method for oreventing the sound waves from proceeding into the lives of nearby “others”.

A few years later there was a story going around about female college students placing their cell phones in their panties after setting them on vibrate. Cooperative boyfriends  would then call during class. Text? No. Sext? Oh, so that’s where that word came from.

This afternoon I took a break from my Friday docent activities at the Gallery@CityHall. It was cold indoors; I wanted some of that 110 degree heat. Arriving on the patio I looked around for a smoking area, wanting to keep the occupants thereof at a safe distance.

Immediately I spotted a smoker 100 feet away texting in a manner I recognized immediately. The thumb on her left hand was pointed toward Heaven. The next two digits held a ciggie and the fourth finger handled text as her pinkie mimed the usual pinkie behavior that one normally associates with drinking tea from a tiny china cup.

As she pecked away, the ash grew long and eventually fell onto the screen; with a well-practiced “whoosh” from pursed lips she blew the ash away and continued texting, saving the connection without losing a stroke.

I wondered what was so important. Was she answering her lover who always called at this time of day, each of them smoking in a different garden, each of them with a hovering pinky, each of them whooshing fallen ash without missing a stroke.

Three minutes at 110 degrees. That’s enough; back to the gallery.


lafayette compound 008


It is impossible as head-nodders for us to learn the true subject of our gossip.

But gossip we do, nod we do, smile and frown and clap we do like starlings at early dawn; we flap, we rustle, we cling together and rise from the grasses flying this way and that, seeking the leader whose randomness fails us.

At sundown the murmeration ceases and together we rustle, we rhyme with the rhythm of the restless till darkness overcomes. Tomorrow we rise again and like the murmeration of starlings we dismount from our roosts, our heads awaggle,

we’ll gossip and gaggle,

the bloated carcasses of our forgotten comrades adding nourishment to the earth and one or two will say “do you remember whatsisname?”.

Oh yes comes the answer, he had so many strange, new ideas.

And with heads abob we bestow our final, limited approval in measured doses and our world nods approval to the brief observance of continuity, forgetting yet another true leader.



lafayette compound 008


  Question everything or live the life of The Lemming.
Mother: Sadie Hannah Marie Oakes Broom

Look it up in World Book.
Father: H.D. Broom

Do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it (and don’t do what you’re not supposed to). Jim Smith.

Trust God and do the Next Thing.
Meister Eckhart.

Nobody warned me.
The Lemming

 Everything we fear is in the future
and the future does not exist.
L B Gettings.



Those who seek solutions lead by default; those who seek to lead are at fault.
LB Gettings

Those who vote rhetorically are not voters but doters; those who choose sides are not choosers but losers.

Those who TAKE steps to discover themselves  are eager to share their discoveries.

The obediant lose themselves and are eager to enforce their new rules.

Rule-keepers say that Path-finders lack discipline and have a serious ego problem; Pathfinders say that Rule Keepers are bullies and have a serious ego problem.

Lee Broom


lafayette compound 007


TP 4 rolls, 2 packages
Clips 2 packages
Barbasol 1 can
Paper plates 2 packs
Shampoo 2
Hair conditioner 2
Dish detergent 2
Dust pan 1
Tooth paste 1
Peroxide 1
Alcohol 1
Kleenex 1
Drain plugs 2
Shower curtain 1
Toilet brushes 2
Mop 2
SOS pads, boxes 2
Sox 4
Egg plant etc 10
Vases 5
kitchen tools 5

MDSE $ 50.00
TAX           4.50
Total  $  54.50

And that’s just the dollar store.



lafayette compound 008

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

All of life’s problems are in the future.

The present is fearless and is populated with people taking inventory, solving problems and laughing at the past.

Resentments, judgments and the fear of vulnerability have no place in the real world.

The real World is NOW.

Lee Broom