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  Question everything or live the life of The Lemming.
Mother: Sadie Hannah Marie Oakes Broom

Look it up in World Book.
Father: H.D. Broom

Do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it (and don’t do what you’re not supposed to). Jim Smith.

Trust God and do the Next Thing.
Meister Eckhart.

Nobody warned me.
The Lemming

 Everything we fear is in the future
and the future does not exist.
L B Gettings.



Those who seek solutions lead by default; those who seek to lead are at fault.
LB Gettings

Those who vote rhetorically are not voters but doters; those who choose sides are not choosers but losers.

Those who TAKE steps to discover themselves  are eager to share their discoveries.

The obediant lose themselves and are eager to enforce their new rules.

Rule-keepers say that Path-finders lack discipline and have a serious ego problem; Pathfinders say that Rule Keepers are bullies and have a serious ego problem.

Lee Broom


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