lafayette compound 008



Life among giants is tricky.

We begin by staying close to Mom.

We venture out.

We crawl.

We rise up on our haunches and we stumble.

We cry out for Mom but before our favorite Giant reaches us we are up again and on the move.

From the first hour after birth we search for safety.

We measure that safety in approval and in degrees of personal success.

We shout to an invisible horizon “I am not afraid”.

And even when disappointed beyond words we seek additional measures of approval.


We had begun one person at a time until one day we decided “more is better”.

More approval meant  more cooperation and less emphasis on being right.

We slowed the experimentation.

We adopted the attitudes and belief systems of a group.

We rebelled occasionally, unhappy with having opted to be less true to ourselves in favor of what? Safety? Fairness? (Fairness? Really?)

Why had we dismissed our Freedom?

We had a cup of coffee in the most popular coffee shop and thought about it.

(This isn’t so bad… is it?)

Is it?

Lee Broom


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