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If you accepted the notion that Love is the only power greater than yourself, how would you explain that?

If you argued for a Power that did things for you, how would you describe that Power?

If you could describe God, what would you say?

If you were elected to be the Ruler of the Universe what Powers would you need to do your job well?

If at the end of your first term you were judged on how well you did your job, who would be your judge?

ee Broom



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For those of us who still want to be in charge we say “It works if you work it”.

Perhaps eventually, we Discover Love and we say “It works if you let it.”

And then we Accept The Love from its Original Source we say “Thank you” and we share it.

Meanwhile, we OCD types continue our search, hoping to get it right.

Lee Broom


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I spend way too much time talking about overcoming FEAR.

I suffer from the FEAR of never having enough.

What I am discovering is…

FEAR is a gift.

FEAR teaches us to search for SAFETY.

FEAR teaches us to BE STRONG, to BE RESILIENT, to be PERFECT.

FEAR motivates us to compete; as we play games we not only have fun but we acquire and hone the skills necessary for protecting those sources of SAFETY, our families, our institutions of learning, our jobs. It is in these places of SAFETY that we discover the FIRST (but often ignored) of life’s great gifts, The GIFT of LOVE.

And so…

FEAR teaches us COURAGE.

FEAR teaches us FAITH.

FEAR  teaches us to PROTECT each other.

LOVE on the other hand makes all this perfectionism unnecessary.

Lee Broom


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We lie by the millions, whereas truth… is discovered one person at a time.” LB.

Excerpt from ITS NOT ABOUT APPLES by Lee Broom


“Peel yourself an apple” my father would say in response to a “WHY” question as he handed me a pocket knife whose blade now appeared  more graceful  after 200 or so years of being sharpened on whet stones in the Broom family workshops.

On one such occasion he offered me a whetstone much older than the knife itself.

“Spend an hour” he once told me, “honing this blade and another hour paring the rind in one piece, then study the completed work (the rind, not the apple.) Then eat the leftover trash (the apple, not the rind.)” And then study the peel again.

I followed Father’s advice a few times before finally understanding the lesson. His somewhat Buddhist nature was saying to me ever so quietly that The Truth I sought was in the search itself.

Today, I wore the jacket to my subtly pinstriped DC suit; I wore it over tattered  jeans with a dozen or so frayed rips and tears. Both garments gave me great comfort. Each garment was bought at Nordstrom’s San Diego, in 1983.  I wore them today with pointy toed shoes discovered on that same shopping trip.

On my return I peeled myself an apple.

And from the milllions:
Do as we do think as we think. Your old ideas are bad ideas. The group must always come first. 

Lee Broom





“Quantum physicists have postulated that the way we experience time is an illusion; that it doesn’t happen in a linear way, that past and present in reality, there’s no difference…..

…..those good times that you had with your dad, they’re happening right now, they’ll always be happening. You deserve to keep those alive.” Bones to Booth after his father died. Bones. 12 1 2011.

If it is true that time is linear rather than vertical, isn’t it possible that the surprising revelations that we refer to as ESP or for that matter, even that which we refer to as memory, are simply accidentally discovered, perceptual overlaps from events separated by that invisible door that normally keeps these prior events or possible futures in the shadows. Even matter as we know it is slippery stuff the hardness of which is little more than a trick of mental programming. Nothing is as it seems. Where are we going? Where have we been? Where are we? What are we?