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(A conversation between Curious Abner
and the Psychedelic Toad.)

Psycho:  Hey there Abner, what alleys have you explored today?

Abner:   Oh, hi Psy. I got my feelings hurt.

Psycho: Was it something you said…again?

Abner:   Probably.

Psycho: Sooo…

Abner:  Well I was in a conversation about God and I mentioned that                    God has no will and offered evidence thereof.

Psycho:  That must have gone over well. Or perhaps I should say like                      you  order your steak? Burned to a crisp.

Abner:    I’m a vegan.

Psycho:  You have spinach on your incisor.  Okay, so who nailed ya?

Abner:    Magic man, okay?

Psycho:  Shoulda seen that coming. When in Rome…you silly man.

Abner:    I know, I know. But it took me 36 years of at least 2000                                    words a day and hundreds of thousands of hours of                                          research to discover these awarenesses.  His remark was  simply to   quote the  opinion of a very large group.

Psycho:  So, why do you go to this meeting every week? You have no                         support for your love of research.

Abner:   I go because I helped start this group. I go because I have                              friends there whom I have known for decades. I want to be                        around friends.

Psycho: So start a new group. A discussion group for thinkers, artist,                   scientists. Make more friends.

Abner:  I like being around religious folks; they’re nicer.

Psycho: More tolerant, don’tcha mean?

Abner:  I suppose. Certainly more so than I, apparently.

Psycho: Then how about presenting only your view; leave out the                             discovery part.

Abner:  I guess so. Yeah I can do that. I still say that this idea of God                        having a will is inane. A will is a condition, after all.

Psycho: Nice start Ab. Why is this so important to ya?

Abner:  Aren’t you the guy who’s always saying “Never ask why”?

Psycho: Nope. You’re the guy who’s always saying “Never ask why”.

Abner: Oh…yeah…okay…see ya.

Psycho: No ya don’t. What did Magic Man say, anyway?

Abner:  He said that God’s will for us is to help each other.

Psycho: Sounds  right to me.

Abner:  Ya think?

Psycho: Too deep for me.

Abner: See ya.

Psycho: See ya.

ee Broom.



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Thursday night I attended a dinner party of friends. We were tied together with a special interest. Close scrutiny would have revealed nothing more than the obvious: we were definitely not members of a particular age group. There were about 3 dozen people, several sales people, a nurse, a doctor. a lawyer (make that two lawyers), several business owners, an architect of world renown and I the oldest guy there (I thought) was starting a new career. Our common bond? We are all published authors.

As the festivities began there was a request for announcements. The lawyer (the one who entered my mind as an after-thought) said “Yes, I’d like to announce that yesterday I celebrated my eightieth birthday.”

I was stunned. Not because h of the large number of years but because in the 36 years that I’d known Phil I had never wondered about his age. As I thought about it I couldn’t remember any of the hundreds of people, perhaps thousands I had known who shared our common interest, whose age I had been curious about. And then it hit me. Damn, I’m seventy three years of age; am I supposed to be dying or something?

Many of  the successful people I know (they are many) are old by normal standards; most are still practicing their life’s work, building and selling homes, running corporations, performing surgeries, one guy plays piano at a piano bar in between gigs as a symphony conductor. The only retired guy I know cares for injured birds one day a week, teaches photography another and reads to preschoolers yet another. He and I are both volunteer broadcasters.  And one guy ran for president of the United States of America. He was nearly seventy. Yet another friend is nearly eighty.

And, as I think about it I’m beginning to believe that we plan our health, our lessening of it and our eventual demise as we plot out our careers. I do not know a single soul who ever planned to retire. I know that there are people out there who think that way and it makes me very sad. Those people are the ones I meet in the nursing homes.

I am a volunteer social worker.

ee Broom



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We lie by the millions, whereas truth… is discovered one person at a time.” LB.

Excerpt from ITS NOT ABOUT APPLES by Lee Broom


“Peel yourself an apple” my father would say in response to a “WHY” question as he handed me a pocket knife whose blade now appeared  more graceful  after 200 or so years of being sharpened on whet stones in the Broom family workshops.

On one such occasion he offered me a whetstone much older than the knife itself.

“Spend an hour” he once told me, “honing this blade and another hour paring the rind in one piece, then study the completed work (the rind, not the apple.) Then eat the leftover trash (the apple, not the rind.)” And then study the peel again.

I followed Father’s advice a few times before finally understanding the lesson. His somewhat Buddhist nature was saying to me ever so quietly that The Truth I sought was in the search itself.

Today, I wore the jacket to my subtly pinstriped DC suit; I wore it over tattered  jeans with a dozen or so frayed rips and tears. Both garments gave me great comfort. Each garment was bought at Nordstrom’s San Diego, in 1983.  I wore them today with pointy toed shoes discovered on that same shopping trip.

On my return I peeled myself an apple.

And from the milllions:
Do as we do think as we think. Your old ideas are bad ideas. The group must always come first. 

Lee Broom

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True leaders do not seek leadership; they are often discovered.
True leaders are not compliant; they are true to their ethics.
True leaders recognize, accept and seek to share Love.
True leaders do not seek to prove but to discover.
True leaders do not compete, they encourage.
True leaders allow others to be themselves.
True leaders don’t advise; they listen.
True leaders serve when needed.
True leaders are often scorned.
True leaders are curious.
True leaders are we.
True leaders are.
Truth leads.


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When we decide as children how to live our lives our thinking begins with the assumption that we will always be children. Our first observation when born is the absence of safety to which we had become accustomed prior to birth. Fortunately we are not aware during those first weeks of gestation the danger of being annihilated as the solution to an argument between prospective parents. Life will soon be discovered to be very dangerous.


By age two we will have discovered a way to alter our behavior in a manner that will lend us some measure of safety as we live our lives among giants. We become compliant, or perfect or strong, failing at that at least noted for trying to be those things.

As preschoolers we may or may not learn about goal setting but we will soon receive our training in such matters as we answer daily roll call at whatever elementary school is nearby.

We will learn that our lives are not forever and that our focus on danger may be diminished by our careful and thoughtful search for safety. Our education will now be spent learning that our social world is made up mostly of friendly people and that by continuing to keep ourselves among others of similar beliefs as we acquire and affirm our values offers increased safety.


Some of us discover and share our discoveries which fall within a general theme of spirituality. Though few of us have any real evidence of these discoveries our experience seems to change us. We find a source of Love, quite unlike its opposite that seems to vanquish this Fear which has till now been the greatest gift of Life. We no longer fear even death itself.




The birth of an idea is much like the birth of life itself and the future of that idea is much like the birth of the individual who gave this idea life and affirmed that new life by creating a goal. This goal will be the Death of the idea.


Some say focus on the goal and some say when in doubt, do the next thing without judging, without predicting; without expectation.

It is a popular idea to stay focused on the goal. When we do that however we are focusing on the death of the idea.

Lee Brooom