A Twelve-Stepping friend of mine sent me a letter at my request, outlining his approach to using these steps. I was expecting a short essay on the changes that had hopefully made his life happier; what I received was a revised version of his path to spiritual enlightenment. Lee.


Step One -Four:
These first four steps he left as they had been written; he admitted he was powerless, acknowledged the prospect of spiritual healing and started on a path of correcting his previous approach to life.


Step Five:      “I admitted to God and to another human being, my humble opinion of my wrongs.”

Step Six:        “I prepared myself to accept the healing power of God’s unconditional Love”.

Step Seven:   “I gratefully accepted God’s eternal Love and made a decision never to judge God”.

Step Eight:     “I made a list of possible amends candidates”.

Step Nine:       “With those who were willing I entered  the amends process.”

Steps Ten – Twelve: “Then as now I re-affirmed on a daily basis, my acceptance of God’s Love and now as then I gratefully  pass it on.”


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