lafayette compound 007

“You gave me an idea”.  An attractive young lady with a beautiful personality was sharing the bus bench with me.

“You were re-organizing your bags so I’m doing the same thing. This is all wedding party stuff. My Grandfather has a lovely new bride; her name is ‘Dina” (I think); “Grandfather is George. (I lost my notes so I’ll infuse this old brain with a prayer or two).

She spoke mostly about her new grandmother. ‘Dina had a recent surgery, a heart valve replacement; she prayed for the doctors and refused their meds when offered. On the way home she stopped at CVS for Tylenol.

I was in a lot of emotional pain this morning. I knowingly made friends a decade or so ago with an NPD kinda guy whose controls got out of hand. Bad stuff Narcissism.

But my new friend (is it Roslyn?) brightened my day and healed some serious wounds, Thank God and thank you new friend of mine. I hope I see you again someday.

Dina is 89. George is 93.

Lee Broom.


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