There is no Truth but Love

And that is not a destination, but the path.

There is in fact, no destination;

There is only Now.

What truth can be for Lovers

Our destiny, the path

The now-ness news of Ever

The abstinence of wrath

Awarenesses yet  revealing

The bubbles in the bath

What truth can be for Lovers

Our destiny, the path?



 lafayette compound 007



seeks to confirm the collection of years, yea decades
of affirmation, begun by that first awareness,
which led to the first thought
became  the first ought
bought (by few) and
blithely ignored by most.

The host mans its post
of the yet – to – be ghost
and marks territory.

(Deliberate Ascension, the construction of prayers beseeching the Favor of Forever succeeds only in yielding a Black Hole. On the other hand Forgiveness is the Face of Unconditional Love.)

 DREAD not and do the Next Thing

Lee Broom




How many times have you heard the words “Why do to think that?”. If you find yourself facing such a challenge again be prepared to  notice that an answer to that question is probably not spontaneous unless of course you are a fast – thinking lawyer.

I was the victim of a skilled interviewer once and embarrassed when I had no answer. It wasn’t as though I had prepared for such a question; I wasn’t a PhD candidate in the midst of an oral exam – I was being asked to defend one of life’s values, a rule by which I had lived my life, a core value the rightness of which one does not question.


I had no answer. And that was my answer. “I don’t know…” I replied. “I just don’t know.

And thus began a shift in the way I view life. I write about, I think about, I puzzle over and I seek answers to my own questions. And that is how I morphed from a life as a writer to that of a writer with purpose.



I was at my favorite meeting last night. Monday night is a small meeting of fifteen or so people who try to live a spiritual life.

We invite a guest speaker who talks about his or her spiritual discoveries at the end of which talk a topic is forthcoming.

The chairperson mentioned that with only fifteen people, there would be two groups and that the smokers would congregate outside.

Our speaker gave a fascinating talk which included tales of watching the heavens from a sleeping bag in fifty countries around the world and a word or two about having once had a job but that he preferred traveling.

It was the speaker’s responsibility to choose a topic; the topic was HONESTY.

When we broke into groups I joined the smokers for the freedom that the patio had to offer. Our speaker joined us outside, he at one end of the table, I at the other.


What does one say about HONESTY? The truth of any subject is hidden from us; that is to say that the truth of everything is guarded by the future. That is why we measure everything.

The truth of speed is measured in MPH or FPS. Life experience is measured in years, months perhaps seconds. But HONESTY?

A lie is easier to understand but like HONESTY it cannot be measured. Does HONESTY even exist? Perhaps if we subjected the quality of HONESTY  to the power of something else, but what? Perception perhaps? Or awareness?

Each of these words imply that perhaps there is no HONESTY, but what? Belief? If our beliefs change over time would not the person whose life is being guided by these beliefs have a change at least, in attitude?

Is attitude a synonym for HONESTY? A modifier? A quality? These were the thoughts I had and which I shared with the group. Our guest seemed puzzled by the change in what was now being said about this subject and when the metamorphous reached his end of the table,  agreed that HONESTY was a difficult topic.

Next week I think I’ll stay indoors. HONEST(L)Y.



lafayette compound 008
Where had we been selfish, dishonest, self-seeking and frightened?
Everything with a nervous system seeks safety, primarily by clinging to others of its kind. In other words no matter what we have done on any given moment has been born of fear, self seeking and dishonesty.
Honesty is not a term that fits anything living. When the search for safety yields approval  from others of our ilk we tell ourselves that we are safe when in fact safety itself is not to be found but experienced. It is an attitude that prevails as a result of accepting God’s Love.