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Occasionally I discover a new truth and wonder if I’m the only person who failed to learn it as a child.

About that Serenity prayer: apparently no choice is necessary. Everything I do changes something.

I no longer have to ponder over an issue for an hour, a month or a year or a decade.

Nor do I need to make up for lost time.

Is it possible to spend only one single day acting on every new idea that crosses my mind with the effect of creating enough pathways to newness to last indefinitely?

Check back with me tomorrow evening.

(I don’t need no dad-gummed bucket list.)

ee Broom


Th-th-th-that’s all folks.

The most intelligent attitude toward life is that of the Agnostic.
The least intelligent attitude toward life is that of the Atheist.
The Agnostic says “I have not yet discovered any evidence of a god”.
The Atheist says “There is no evidence of a god; therefore there is no god”.
The Agnostic says “I wonder…”
The Athiest says “I am not curious…”
The Agnostic says “If there is a god, it will be a great discovery.”
The Atheist says “The absence of evidence is evidence”.
The Agnostic thinks logically.
The Atheist does not…
“Think”, that is.
Only the Agnostic may discover the truth of God.
Only the Agnostic may discover Truth.
Only the Agnostic may discover.
The rest of us are obedient.
(Except for the Atheist)

(and the Agnostic).
Th-th-th-that’s all folks.



We are all stupid people. We are born into a world of fear and we begin our search for safety. Learning to crawl makes us feel safe. Standing and walking…safer. The cheers from family make us feel safer still. But we are not safe – we are stupid.

The early approval from friends and family confuses us. We mistake approval for safety. As safety groups grow larger with classrooms, boardrooms and jobs we mistake approval for truth, love and happiness. But we are not safe – we are stupid.

We fall in love. (Why fall? Why not leap?) We raise a family. The children follow in our footsteps and eventually leave; the approval of our children was as important to us as was ours to them. We called it LOVE. How do we get it, we ask; we ask for LOVE in our prayers. But by asking for it we are ignoring the un-conditionality of LOVE and confusing it with APPROVAL. That’s stupid.

Perhaps we discover that since LOVE is unconditional, we need only to accept this gift. But we still feel unloved. “Psst, pass it on” someone whispers and we smile; we remember how we feel when we are hugged and encouraged and we decided to do just that. We become committed; we “accept the love and pass it on.” That’s not stupid.

There is always one person who knows how to solve problems.  
This person will not join others in the process of criticizing anyone.
This person may seem to have memory problems but can on the other hand, quickly solve difficult life problems.

This person may be an artist or a scientist and will often mention logic and creativity in the same breath.
Since this person is not group oriented and in fact represents less than five per cent of the population one must listen.
Logic and poetry may get your attention.
You may be this person and haven’t discovered it yet
Listen not for the problem solver; notice the obvious mistakes and then ask The Big Lover how you did that.
Lee Broom

You are your own secret weapon.


You are your own secret weapon.

Those who know you understand what you are doing when you describe physical ills. They understand that you are very careful in your description of details.  They understand that you are sharing.

And then there are The Interpreters, The interpreters may think that your attention to detail reveals that you  are complaining.

Complaining is an indirect way of asking for help. The Interpreter must interpret when confused by honesty. Indirectness and a lack of self-awareness are the tools of The Interpreter.

Sharing on the other hand, contributes to the good of all.

When the Interpreter asks how you are doing, say GREAT.

“Daniel in the Lion’s Den” is a great metaphor for the Detailer who is surrounded by Interpreters.

This remark is mildly sarcastic. Sarcasm attempts to bridge the gap between complaining and sharing.

You are your own secret weapon. Yours is a gift to be shared.


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If I say “I love you very much” I must be mistaken for LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL (“very much” is a condition).

If I ask to be Loved I must be seeking mere approval for LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL (I had to ask.)

If I ACCEPT the LOVE I acknowledge the source of that LOVE.

If I ACKNOWLEDGE the source of LOVE I acknowledge that THE LOVE was always there from the beginning of FOREVER.

I ACCEPT the LOVE and I’ll pass it on.

ee Broom




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“I am a rock.”    Paul Simon.”

Imagine a rock, a mountainous boulder hurtling through space. Such a crumb of infinity would, if endowed with minimal intelligence, repeat over and over “I am a rock, seeking my destiny, piercing the void at the fastest possible speed, deviating from my path, never at all. I will continue on this perfectly straight, flawlessly, narrow course until I reach my-as yet unknown goal.”

This narcissistic traveler would have no information available to aid it in the discovery that it had, trillions of years earlier, fallen into the gravitational control of an immeasurably vast ball of gas which would someday burn itself into ultimate darkness taking with it this orbiting rock-o-naut and all other space crumbs within orbiting range.

Ha ha.

(Life is like that)

Lee Broom