In the TWELVE STEPS OF RECOVERY used today to assist its members with this growing variety of recovery goals, there is what appears to be a coincidental grouping of ideas which can be seen by some as similar to the fall from grace by the local inhabitants EDEN.

The first three steps which launch a new world for those who will embark upon a journey  of heavenly promise, will soon be tempted by the millions to become GODLY with a new understanding of perfect knowledge of the exact nature of self-described ills. They will take responsibility for making amends but more importantly they will know who will be harmed by their decision to .

To me these nine Steps of Four Through Twelve sound a lot like the temptation to acquire by whatever means, The Knowledge of Good and Evil. The same practitioners who accepted God as the Cure for their ills embarked on a different path on which they would learn not ACCEPT God but would treat him as an assistant.

Simpler it seems to me would be to learn to practice helping others without being obvious and develop the habit of saying THANK YOU instead of GOOD JOB. Or for parents to say to their children “I Love you” instead of “I am proud of you”.

2 21 2013 The Tree



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