Many of my friends are avid bicyclists; some belong to touring groups; a few ride alone but all wear helmets. A couple of years ago I made an age and health related decision and sold my last four-wheeled vehicle, replacing it with a bike of greater value.

If I need to extend my horizons on a given day I use the many public conveyances or catch a ride with a friend, leaving my two-wheeler locked up a mile from home at a bike rack; if I feel great I may ride on low traffic streets with no helmet and a hat that my friends will recognize. Nearly every time I make this choice a friend will yell Hi Lee as they whiz past.

That’s why I have no helmet on my head when I ride my bike.

And yes I ‘ve been hit by more than one automobile but by taking more risks I am becoming the kind of bicyclist than Robin Cook’s heroic character, the Surgeon who weaves in and out of  New York traffic getting from here to there in record time.

No helmet?

Beats me.


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