I know of no example in humanity against which one can be compared in order to determine how much one has grown, or to set goals outlining a plan to determine how much one can or should grow.

The habit of saying to one  another “Hey, you are really getting better” sounds encouraging but in fact, is very judgmental. The affirmation to seek progress rather than perfection is self-deluding. That kind of thinking prevents us from accepting one another for who we are.

When in the presence of one who has just been applauded for a contribution of one sort or another benefitting those of us slapping the palms of our hands together, shall we offer  expressions  of “Hurrah”, “Ole!”, “Bravo” or “Good job!”?

Perhaps a simple “Thank you” would be a sign that we are all “getting better”.




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All beliefs are indefensible substitutes for knowledge.

The term Idle Gossip is redundant.

The term Idol Worship is also redundant.

The popularity of an idea does not make it true.

And, assembling a hundred logical arguments for




Perhaps we, who are driven to identify the mistaken beliefs of society, could busy our selves seeking to encourage others to seek truth.

Every supporter of every idea whether truthful or not was motivated by the same goal as all of nature; whether a lowly amoeba or a newborn human babe, we all spend every waking moment in the search for safety.

I spent nearly forty years trying to identify a possible explanation for information acquired with the aid of a “sense” which was new to me in midlife. I began to think in terms of “what if?”. Words like psychic and ESP and telepathy were unacceptable to me.

One day, decades later, it began coming  together.

I had hoped for evidence of  “telepathy” . What I apparently had discovered however was a description of an intelligent creative force which was in possession of the memory of all past and future events and which would necessarily possess the only known quantity of unconditional LOVE for SELF which would include the components of everything which would make access to this wellspring, this veritable fountain of youth, I was surprised to say the least and I wanted to share my discovery.

Shortly thereafter I began to realize that my discovery was not entirely unique. This Higher Power’s job description had been described thousands of years ago. It was not considered to be God but a memory of all past events; it was called the Akashik record.

Perhaps the originator of this idea arrived at this conclusion using logical means but apparently  the idea of the memory of future events had not yet presented itself.

I realized that perhaps I am the first to acquire the knowledge of how it all happened. I knew that it was probably as true to say that my AKASHIK-JEHOVAH had been here forever and is here for the duration as to say HE/SHE/IT had been created by the BIG BANG.

Lee Broom


ee Broom.



CURIO:          You sure are quiet; what’s on your mind, Crazio?

PSYCHO:    Who are you to be calling me Crazio, Foolio?

CURIO:       You  changed the subject Quiet One. What’s going on?

PSYCHO:  I’m researching the other America. What’s your reason?

CURIO:       Me? I’m looking North.

PSYCHO:   North? It’s cold up there. We need to learn Portuguese.

CURIO:       And what about DOGMAN and BLONDIE?

PSYCHO:   Who?





Notice that the title of this essay reflects a bias.

Notice also that TYPICAL BIASES is a redundant phrase?

And now for a few examples of those TYPICAL BIASES:

Wealthy people misers…

Men are insensitive…

Women are manipulative…

These beliefs are often viewed as personality types. However…

Regardless of accuracy or the absence thereof,  the silliness of what we believe is often so far below the level of awareness that to make any sense of it all might be a waste of time with the one exception being the social scientists in our midst.

WE ARE MOTIVATED BY MEMORY – influenced by our prejudices.. Most of those ideas if brought to the attention of our so-called conscious mind, would probably defy logic if put to the test.

So thorough is the unconscious mind that we need not fret over the difficulty of focus.

I was directed to today’s subject by a pal of mine whose wealth would never be guessed at by the way that he lives. His two bedroom condominium is paid for, his truck gets 40 mpg  and  his wealth  will protect his family for generations to come.  He is upset because someone called him a miser.

He’ll get over it. All misers are like that…

Or so I hear.

Lee Broom





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My friend  Randy gave a lecture entitled Hovering Above Zero. I did not ask him if those were his own words but I can say that the image of Hovering Above Zero inspired me so thoroughly that the balance of Randy’s message has moved my thinking for the moment, to the back of the room; I am pretty sure that we are on the same page.

I believe that the two greatest Powers known to man are Love and Desire: The nature of man can be summed up as Fear and Desire, Fear in this scenario being represented by the label, Zero. Zero in this case helps me to recognize that Fear is not a Power but rather the Absence of Power. The nature of The Ultimate Power appears to me to be Total Love and the Sum of All Knowledge. Given more blogging space and undeterred by the possible loss of readers I would gladly share the details of the years of research which I believe lend credence to this observation but for now let us say that Love and Desire are the two greatest powers known to mankind.

Fear is the absence of Power. When we tolerate Fear by “Being Strong” or “Pleasing Others” or “Trying” to “Be Perfect” we are seeking to overcome Fear when in fact what we are doing is increasing the likelihood that our specific Fears materialize or continue if already in progress. We are Hovering Above Zero and we are certain to fail.

Whatever we Fear can be healed. Whatever Power we need to overcome Fear can be found by accepting The Love. Nothing can harm us when we are immersed in The Love. I know of no limitations for the partnership of Love and Desire.

Accept The Love and Pass it on. Thank you Randy.

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Hovering: Denying, defying, never trying. How high? Above Zero. (We need a Hero.)

Covering: The lies, the sighs, the highs, the sky’s the limit. Any lengths? Right, whatever.

Discovering: A better way? What did they say? A Higher Power?

Recovering: Truth? Really? How far? Any lengths? Really?

Savoring: Never wavering. How far? Any lengths. Really.

Hovering? Flying with the birdies, my Luv. Flying with the birdies. How high? Really? Now really.

Lee Broom                    Author