Notice that the title of this essay reflects a bias.

Notice also that TYPICAL BIASES is a redundant phrase?

And now for a few examples of those TYPICAL BIASES:

Wealthy people misers…

Men are insensitive…

Women are manipulative…

These beliefs are often viewed as personality types. However…

Regardless of accuracy or the absence thereof,  the silliness of what we believe is often so far below the level of awareness that to make any sense of it all might be a waste of time with the one exception being the social scientists in our midst.

WE ARE MOTIVATED BY MEMORY – influenced by our prejudices.. Most of those ideas if brought to the attention of our so-called conscious mind, would probably defy logic if put to the test.

So thorough is the unconscious mind that we need not fret over the difficulty of focus.

I was directed to today’s subject by a pal of mine whose wealth would never be guessed at by the way that he lives. His two bedroom condominium is paid for, his truck gets 40 mpg  and  his wealth  will protect his family for generations to come.  He is upset because someone called him a miser.

He’ll get over it. All misers are like that…

Or so I hear.

Lee Broom





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