Since the word Agnostic means not Gnostic perhaps this article would make more sense if we begin with the label that invited the original struggle .

Gnosis is  a Greek word that originally meant knowledge but when there arose a more scholarly response to those who were spreading the new idea of Christian precepts, the first word to be used by the critics of Christian preachers was this word for knowledge. The Scholars of the day had their way and the word for knowledge evolved  a more specific definition; today that definition would be knowledge of spiritual mysteriess or something close to that.

And who were the first to be labeled Agnostic? Why, Christians of course.

The word Theistic is similar to Gnostic but is much broader  and refers to anyone or any group whose life was centered on the worship of one or more entities of virtually any description. It was during early common era.

Deism is yet another word, evolving in recent centuries which harbors the belief that God is not Supernatural and is concerned only with the Nature of Life on Earth and Who has no hand in the origins or the activities of the Universe.

My reason for this smattering of linguistic  hanky-panky has less to do with religion or the lack thereof than to my interest in linguistics.

My choice of using my native language of English often is inadequate to describe my discoveries. At such locations I am challenged to re-define a term. As I am already relying on the guiding hand of Aristotle, I look first to the language of early Greece and then if failing to solve the problem at hand I knock on the doors of early Rome.

How else  can I share the experience of discovering new meanings for formerly illusive concepts such as Love , Fear and the search for Safety, stumbling instead onto evidence of a Memory of all Past and Future Events, a concept which appears to exist beyond time and whose (Nature?) is Love, Forgiveness and Perfect Knowledge of all things?

Would this then, not be the most reasonable description ever of an Indestructable God whose Love when accepted, heals the acceptors of all perception of personal ills?

And am I better equipped to share my discoveries by flipping through a brief glossary of scholarly terms? Perhaps if I rail for yet another day about the insane BLONDIE  who has usurped the power of the American people and who is threatening to invade Mexico.




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