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Do I want to improve the future or would I rather make time stand still?

Do I want to be rich or famous?

Will I be a leader or a follower?

Will I be employed by others or answer to my own choices?

Will I seek safety in numbers or unknown quantities?

These are the questions I asked myself at age five, eleven and fourteen.

Here are my answers at a much later date.

I am keeping my eyes on the road. My education trails the bumps.

Time has stood still for me several times in my life. These times were not chosen by me. These  were moments of extreme danger. In each event the expansion of time made it possible for me to reason, to seek solutions. These times were free of fear.

I’ve been rich. I’ve been famous. Neither of these distinctions lasted for very long. Neither quality was important to me.

I have always been a self-leader, even as a small child, choosing only myself as a follower of my discoveries.

I’ve chosen my own careers and created the businesses which made those careers possible. I can imagine no other way.

Seeking safety in numbers is a dangerous but important way to live. Those who make that choice rarely know freedom; they do make time stand still and they insure the safety not of themselves but of the community as a whole.

The self- leaders discover new ideas and better ways to live and to learn; If the new ideas are good ideas the group will take ownership; the group will  make it happen.

The moon, the stars, the size of the universe; together we get ’er done

Lee Broom


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