Lee Broom



A friend of mine enjoys posting on Facebook, the number of people and institutions who agree with his views of life; in other words Truth  is known by virtue of its POPULARITY.

I would rather be lied to than to be the target of those voices who intent is to shape my thinking.


Liars are easy to detect.


So is ignorance.

if one must live by RULES a good one to remember is that All institutions make the Voice of the Group the definitive repository of TRUTH. In other words, they are not a dependable source of TRUTH at all.

Taking sides on important issues has but one purpose and that is to find a safe place.

The result is FAILURE.


Forget popularity as a goal; Accept the LOVE and [pass it on.

Doing The Next Right Thing is practiced by those seeking SAFETY.

Doing The NEXT thing is the practice of the faithful. They are demonstrating TRUST by ACCEPTING LOVE.

We must Accept The Love & Pass It On.


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