To question everything is a habit employed by cautious people and occasionally those with scary, psychotic views of life. It is also an expression of the Freedom that comes with The Gift of Logic.

On the other hand there are those among us, around us, inside and out of us who make no such choices one way or another choosing only to allow others to choose for them. In other words, they allow others to make demands of their thoughts and stated rules.

The first group risks all to feel safe.

The second group risks little and moves forward knowing nothing of the safety of such a choice except that it is popular and comes wrapped in the alluring, soon to be broken promise of safety forever after.

Though I have been shunned many times for the results of my daily probes I am dedicated to the belief that to trust God demands that I “question everything”. In other words I reject POPULAR WISDOM in favor of using my God-given Gift of Logic.

My greatest discovery led me to conclude that There exists in the timeless location of Ever-ness, the Memory of all past and future events.  This is the one and only Source of Love. I call this source of All Knowledge and of Unconditional Love, God, Boss, Alfy and The Rest of Me.

I Accept The Love and I Pass It On.


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