The key to having one’s desires come true is in the hand of each of us. But we don’t focus on desire, we focus on our fears.

From birth until death, most of us are looking for a safe place. And the search itself is the guarantee of failure.

Think about the object of your prayers. The way to find Love we think, is to search for it.

But Love is unconditional, is it not? Why question it’s source?

For those of you who listen to the words of Old men with Bad Dreams who called themselves Prophets, there are no prophets there are only gossip mongers.

The future cannot be read but it can and is being created.

Affirmation of one person, of one idea, of one belief is much more than prophetic; every word from the lips of every man, woman and child is creating the future. The length of  time necessary is unknown. The future is always what we expect it to be.

Armageddon is happening. Our affirmations are making it happen.

There is a solution:

If you believe that God Love’s you


Accept The Love and pass it on.




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