SAFETY FIRST (the gift of fear)

lafayette compound 008


I spend way too much time talking about overcoming FEAR.

I suffer from the FEAR of never having enough.

What I am discovering is…

FEAR is a gift.

FEAR teaches us to search for SAFETY.

FEAR teaches us to BE STRONG, to BE RESILIENT, to be PERFECT.

FEAR motivates us to compete; as we play games we not only have fun but we acquire and hone the skills necessary for protecting those sources of SAFETY, our families, our institutions of learning, our jobs. It is in these places of SAFETY that we discover the FIRST (but often ignored) of life’s great gifts, The GIFT of LOVE.

And so…

FEAR teaches us COURAGE.

FEAR teaches us FAITH.

FEAR  teaches us to PROTECT each other.

LOVE on the other hand makes all this perfectionism unnecessary.

Lee Broom


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