I sit at my desk eight hours a day and sometimes ten or twelve.  I  usually take a break at the arrival of hour number three, do twenty reps of a handful of upper-body exercises or go for a brisk, short walk and return to my desk. But, before creating another sentence I visit  youtube and search through one of many favorite topics, one of which is the subject of “time” as studied and perceived by Nova scientist and their ilk. And though not very practical from a personal point of view I often run across an idea for one of several blogs.

If you are noticing the unpleasantness of aging however, perhaps you have noticed that time is speeding up.

I can help you with that.

I have a more practical approach to time mechanics and here it is. We do NOT age more quickly nor do we think so as we live each passing minute. Notice as you go through your day that time is not whizzing by at all; it is the MEMORY of the experience that is misleading us.

Solution: DO MORE – THINK LESS..

The memory of time is not of real-time experience but rather a percentage of life lived as compared to similar percentages remembered from years ago.

By the way: One can acquire quite an education on you tube and Ted talks. Google searches by the way are getting downright cumbersome; perhaps we can get our heads together and come up with something better.

Have another great day (and forget about it).



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