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Life among giants is tricky.

We begin by staying close to Mom.

We venture out.

We crawl.

We rise up on our hind legs and we stumble.

We cry out for Mom but before our favorite Giant reaches us we are up again and on the move.

From the first hour after birth we search for safety.

We measure that safety in approval and in degrees of personal success.

We shout to an invisible horizon “I am not afraid”.

And even when disappointed beyond words we seek additional measures of approval.


We had begun one person at a time until one day we decided “more is better”.

More approval meant  more cooperation and less emphasis on being right.

We slowed the experimenting.

We adopted the attitudes and belief systems of a group.

We rebelled occasionally, unhappy with having opted to be less true to ourselves in favor of what? Safety? Fairness? Fairness? Really?

Why had we dismissed our Freedom?

We had a cup of coffee in the most popular coffee shop and thought about.

This isn’t so bad… is it?

Is it?

Lee Broom



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I spend way too much time talking about overcoming FEAR.

I suffer from the FEAR of never having enough.

What I am discovering is…

FEAR is a gift.

FEAR teaches us to search for SAFETY.

FEAR teaches us to BE STRONG, to BE RESILIENT, to be PERFECT.

FEAR motivates us to compete; as we play games we not only have fun but we acquire and hone the skills necessary for protecting those sources of SAFETY, our families, our institutions of learning, our jobs. It is in these places of SAFETY that we discover the FIRST (but often ignored) of life’s great gifts, The GIFT of LOVE.

And so…

FEAR teaches us COURAGE.

FEAR teaches us FAITH.

FEAR  teaches us to PROTECT each other.

LOVE on the other hand makes all this perfectionism unnecessary.

Lee Broom


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To assume that the absence of a memory is evidence that the event referred to by one (who claims to remember that event) is evidence that the event did not occur is a bit like the “logic” expressed by the atheistic reference to God.

In reference to the popular notion of an all-powerful, invisible God, this individual claims that the absence of evidence is evidence.  Since there is no evidence that God exists then God does not exist.

And, since there is no evidence that what person B remembers about an event in person A’s LIFE did in fact happen, then that event did not happen.

The Atheist and the Denier appear to have much in common.

Their claims are very Narcissistic.

Note: we are all narcissistic; some more or less than others.



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Affirmation is generally considered to be a confirmation of a firm belief. However…
that firm belief had to become what it is; therefore the act of confirmation must come from an earlier event or by a pathway, unrecognized at the time of first arrival.

And what better time than at the beginning, the first event that triggers repetitions, revisions and links to similar events.

What better example of this claim than to witness the organized life, the cooperative existence of perpetually linked events in the life of a bumble bee or the first five minutes in the life of an infant?

Affirmation is the Mother, the Father, the giver of life to all things.

Affirmation is the Creative Mantel of God.



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If I say “I love you very much” I must be mistaken for LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL (“very much” is a condition).

If I ask to be Loved I must be seeking mere approval for LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL (I had to ask.)

If I ACCEPT the LOVE I acknowledge the source of that LOVE.

If I ACKNOWLEDGE the source of LOVE I acknowledge that THE LOVE was always there from the beginning of FOREVER.

I ACCEPT the LOVE and I’ll pass it on.






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All beliefs are indefensible substitutes for knowledge.

The term Idle Gossip is redundant.

The term Idol Worship is also redundant.

The popularity of an idea does not make it true.

And, assembling a hundred logical arguments for




Perhaps we, who are driven to identify the mistaken beliefs of society, could busy our selves seeking to encourage others to seek truth.

Every supporter of every idea whether truthful or not was motivated by the same goal as all of nature; whether a lowly amoeba or a newborn human babe, we all spend every waking moment in the search for safety.

I spent nearly forty years trying to identify a possible explanation for information acquired with the aid of a “sense” which was new to me in midlife. I began to think in terms of “what if?”. Words like psychic and ESP and telepathy were unacceptable to me.

One day, decades later, it began coming  together.

I had hoped for evidence of  “telepathy” . What I apparently had discovered however was a description of an intelligent creative force which was in possession of the memory of all past and future events and which would necessarily possess the only known quantity of unconditional LOVE for SELF which would include the components of everything which would make access to this wellspring, this veritable fountain of youth, I was surprised to say the least and I wanted to share my discovery.

Shortly thereafter I began to realize that my discovery was not entirely unique. This Higher Power’s job description had been described thousands of years ago. It was not considered to be God but a memory of all past events; it was called the Akashik record.

Perhaps the originator of this idea arrived at this conclusion using logical means but apparently  the idea of the memory of future events had not yet presented itself.

I realized that perhaps I am the first to acquire the knowledge of how it all happened. I knew that it was probably as true to say that my AKASHIK-JEHOVAH had been here forever and is here for the duration as to say HE/SHE/IT had been created by the BIG BANG.

Lee Broom